5 Signs of Termite Infestation

Generally people are not aware of termites. Even termites been living them at concealed nest in their home and termites consume your wooden properties, papers, cotton boxes etc… You may get loss of wooden assets

Don’t worry here we are suggested some simple sign for recognizing the termite infestation than eradicating the termite colonies and save your valuable property.

  1. The wooden hollow sound when tap on the wood
  2. Mud tunnels or mud tubes on walls, corners, and wooden structures
  3. Swarm of winged insects from the soil around your home
  4. Sometimes, we can see the congeries of wings at our premises
  5. Crack on wood, bubbling paint, frass (termite droppings)

You found any one of the signs that indicated your home affected by Termites
Then you have to take a Termite Treatment as soon as possible to get rid of termites to stop the damage, loss of your wooden property in prevention
Note: You may discuss with your neighbors, friends, and relatives and suggest them, inspect their house, might be an effect. Termite may affect your house through your neighbor’s home

For best and effective treatment call expert pest control service provider. Please avoid DIY.