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Cimex lectularius ordinarily called bedbugs, bed bugs are rare insects in India compares different countries. Usually, it stays at bedrooms and feeds the human blood and other mammals. Bed bugs hide within the mattress, furniture, and cracks in cool places in residential areas. Bedbugs are very irritating insects to human sleep, at daytime, they hiding, and on time of sleep it comes out for feed, it wants warmth food as a result of bites and feeds the human blood. It causes itches and blood spots at the body. Thus inconvenience to is disturbed insect to sleep, it’s going to cause stress and sleep disorders. Bug stays at cracks, crevices of walls, mattress, cot, harborages, furniture, bed sheets and pillows. BedBugs Control Service In Hyderabad. The infestation could occur in offices, canteens, conference halls and lobby space.



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Bed Bugs Control Services:

Bedbugs life cycle in five stages from eggs to adults, bedbugs are the dimensions in 4mm to 6mm, flattened-oval shape and light brown in color, once feeding blood it evolves into rounder and color reddish. Cimex will survive while not food for 4 months, they’ll travel a large right smart radius for food, the period of time of bedbugs be usually 9 to 10 months, it depends on the weather if its cool, will survive up to twelve months. The feminine bug will lay up to 250 to 300 eggs in their lifespan and hatch in 6 – 10 days. It is very tiny and white and it may be visible. Bedbugs are most part get into our places by on clothing or behind the furniture crevices. The common places for bed bug infestations are hotels, cinemas, lodges, auditoriums, buses, air travel, and hospitals. Here the people brought the bedbugs to our residence unwittingly through travel baggage, furniture transport delivery etc.

The bedbugs are bite on the skin and suck some blood and move to a new place for bite feed the blood, as this respective to move on the skin those skin area affected, whether you’re bitten by bedbugs you need medical facilities, the symptoms are swelling, reddish severe itchiness, its better.take a examine and advise from an expert to get rid of the infested areas.

Hence Need The Bug Prevention Is Vital.

Recognize the bedbugs’ infestation

  • Dark/black stains on the mattress and surrounding areas.
  • Little black spots on the bed and furniture
  • Live bugs, it’s will simply establish
  • Bloodspot on the mattress and bed sheets
  • Cot crevices and surroundings
  • Bed seams
  • Carpet and floor corners
  • On the wall skirting
  • The crack of the walls
  • Inside electrical fittings (such as A/ C, electrical boards)
  • Behind the wardrobes and cupboards
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