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Termites it’s referred to as white ants. It’s like ants in color white, it looks too terribly cool and calm in behind the wood and mud tubes. However severe damages square measure some lakhs of times to their size. it chow and crushes the wood and wood material in our residence and premises, they don’t know a lot of value it’s people style their residence’s interiors terribly lovely, interest and expensive, but they do not apprehend to require precautions for termites attacks in future, today these are the common things within the cities, Here we have a tendency to take interference for our sweet home to safeguard white ants or termites throughout the construction, Vepon pest control do Best quality Termite Control Service In Hyderabad.



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Pre-construction anti termite Control Service treatment:

Pre-construction anti termite control service treatment, it ought to be done at their stages

Pour the chemical with compounding the water into the pillar pits

At the stage of plinth it ought to be done by rodding within the level of one and a half feet depth and surface per one foot it ought to be covering the all the plinth space afterward combine chemically in a drum with the chemical as per measurements and precautions and pour all holes

After complete the building take the rodding at one foot at around the building and pour the chemical mixed water, Vepon pest control do Best quality Termite Control Treatment In Hyderabad.

Then the soil observes the chemical and becomes toxic than it stops the termite moments

Post-Construction Anti Termite Control Service Treatment:

After construction of the building, its DFS system DRILL-FILL –SEAL it produce the chemical barrier within the wall. Do the drill to the wall at skating level for a 45-degree angle and 3 1/2 inch depth hole per each foot at whole building and round the door and window frames than pour the chemical in each hole that is completed and next shut the holes with white cement because it is.

Then it’ll produce a chemical barrier and stop the white ant movement, this is often secure from the termites.

Pre-construction anti termite treatment is that the best choice compared to each and we are VEPON PEST CONTROL SERVICES, PROFESSIONAL IN ANTI TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE TREATMENT  IN HYDERABAD.

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