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Wood borer is that the second dangerous insect next to termites that are destroying the wood and wood articles severely. people cannot notice they need a wood borer Control problem till the ensuing harm becomes visible, therefore early identification is vital before they cause additional damage. Wood borer (powder post beetles), yellow powder keeps falling wood furnishings, produce the round exit holes to wood 0.5mm to 2mm in diameter. these are the signs that the premises are infected by the ill-famed woodborer.



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Wood Borer Control Treatment:

No worries vepon pest control are here, we have a tendency to are the perfect Wood Borer control service providers in Hyderabad, wood borer lives in wood, we tend to are giving long-lasting service for woodborer. Wood borer is in size mm-5mm, darkish –brown in color, the woodborer can fly, but it to some extent. highly humidity and low ventilated areas are good for woodborer. We provide associate integrated wood protection service that helps to increase the lifetime of your wood structures. Wood borer started the harmful activity of borers deeply within, they create tunnels and pupate at intervals the wood. Several of the wood borer problems are from homes in lumber and wood furnishing articles e.g. furniture, wood floors, doors, windows, cabinets etc. Woodborer lay the eggs in cracks and crevices, it not comfortable at outside, here the wood infestation is more like floorboard, cub board, wooden furniture. Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed in the process they made a large tunnel Inspect the wood to confirm that before the wood fitting to the building, if it’s any infested. Then we must always take the initiative to arrange the interior and wood furnishings

Wood Borer Signs:

  • Fresh exit holes in wood
  • Yellow colored power falling
  • Tunnels and pupate
  • Damaged Floors
  • Live borer
  • Dead borer
  • Wood borer eggs
  • Beetle larvae

Wood bores’ Pest Services: The technician uses a chemical into the holes through injecting to treat the affected area to attenuate the developed stages of wood borer internal aspect the wood materials.

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