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Periplaneta Americana and Blattella germenica these are the scientific names for cockroach. It causes food poisoning, allergies, and some cockroach diseases. These are an uninvited guest for our kitchen. It feels their home they are roaming and checking all areas at our residence. many people feel very irritating and fears to see cockroaches .cockroaches are the places our kitchen, hotels, bakeries, and food-related factories and another type of cockroaches is there. there are living in drainage areas its size is little big it is called German cockroach Control. Here nothing to worry regarding the cockroach here easy and best treatment service provide by vepon pest control an expertise into the Cockroach Control Service. It will be gone one or two days



Eco Friendly Chemicals


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Cockroach Control Treatment:

  • Gel treatment and chemical treatment depends upon infestation
  • It odorless, no harm to kids, elders, pets, and allergy suffers
  • The gel paste all hidden areas which are making their homes
  • No need to vacate the things out the kitchen
  • Long lasting, eco-friendly  pest service

Entry: cockroach can enter our home from different ways such as sewer, drainage pipes, ventilations, cracks and crevices. even we also brought  cockroaches through grocery bags, boxes, gas cylinders. Ideal Environment: our home is such a best place for cockroaches, with a plenty of food, warmth, water and a safe place for staying, enough to their life Reproduction: cockroach reproduction is quickly, for every day you can see more and more cockroach population Allergies: cockroach skins, dead bodies, droppings are causing to human allergies and different persons No to DO-IT-YOURSELF: Cockroaches are good in hiding them and they protected their eggs cracks and crevices, it is difficult to find out, it needs different skills so it is professional work If you identify the even one cockroach, there is a sign of developing the cockroach, than you can contact the professional in cockroach pest control Here we are vepon pest control offers the best Cockroach Control Services Services offered: Single service – 6 months warranty And Yearly service – 2 times –  one year warranty

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